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Newsletter 6 (April 2022)

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Christine McCrosson

Karen McKay

Fiona Gibney

What is new?
The group were successfully awarded almost £4000 from North Lanarkshire Council in March as part of an environmental fund. The funds were to purchase a debrillator and the associated costs around this to purchase a kiosk to house a book exchange/egg sale and also for village gateway signs. The state of the art debrillator will be sited in the station car park – next to the notice board that faces the entrance.  ScotRail have kindly agreed to meet the costs associated with sourcing the electrical supply, fitting the defib and all ongoing maintenance checks.  This work is hoped to be completed in one day and should be up and running within next 4 weeks.  We will let everyone know when it is in place and training will be provided for anyone who would like to know how it works.  It should be noted though that the defibrillator is designed to be used by someone who has no medical experience or training.  It is semi-automatic and will talk users through every step. The village gateway signs are ready to be put in place – Bowhousebog Road as you enter from Shotts, one at Hartwoodhill verge on the left just after gate house and the other beside the large boulder on Hartwood road – across from farm track.  These will add a nice friendly village vibe. The kiosk is yet to be purchased and research is currently underway.  This will be sited next to the swing park and will contain an honestly box for eggs and books for anyone to donate and help themselves to.  If you have any other ideas for the kiosk use then please get in touch!    

 Swing Park Upgrade Unfortunately the saga for the upgrade continues!  The £49,000 from windfarm money to upgrade the swing park in Canthill Gardens is still sitting with NLC.   The wranglings between NLC and NHS continue and this hasn’t been helped by a reshuffle within NLC and a change of personnel.  We have been in touch with the windfarm to keep them updated and have asked Neil Gray, MSP to try and mediate the situation.  It is somewhat frustrating! 

Development Trust Scotland (DTAS) The group were successful with their application and are now members of DTAS. This is a great networking opportunity as well as allowing the group to tap into further funding and advice. 

Hartwood Train Station We look forward to developing the train station in association with ScotRail Adopt-a-Station scheme.  We have wall planters, barrels and troughs all fully loaded with bulbs, plants and shrubs.  We were awarded £460 for this year so will utilise these funds to plant shrubs in the grass verges on Platform 2 and tidy up 2 corners – one as you enter the station on your immediate right and the other at the bridge between the ramp and stairs to Platform 2. 

Any ideas? If you have any suggestions for the group then please do get in touch on our Facebook group page, website or by contacting any of the Members.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/165932434532450/ 

Did you know? April is thought to be the best month of the year to look up to the skies and watch meteor showers. April once had 29 days, but a 30th day was added when Juluis Caesar established the Julian calendar. The meaning behind the word ‘April’ comes from the verb ‘aperire’ which translates as “to open”.  This is believed to refer to season of flowers to begin to “open” or flower. Those born in April have a diamond as their birthstone.  Their birth flower is either Daisy or a Sweet Pea.