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Our Projects to date

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With funding help from North Lanarkshire Council, we purchased a state of the art semi-automatic defibrillator. ScotRail kindly agreed to site this within the station car park and paid for the placement fees and also the ongoing electricity charges. This is a great advantage to a rural community.

Keeping the village pretty!

The group sited barrels and planters around the village and these are regularly cared for by members and volunteers.

There was a notable shortage of bins in the village, therefore, the group purchased 2 large bins which have been responsibly and widely used, in particular by dog walkers. Litter picking was also purchased and distributed to local volunteers.

An Environmental Fund from North Lanarkshire Council was recently awarded for the purpose of bespoke welcome signs as you enter the village from both sides of Hartwood Road and also at Bowhousebog Road, as you enter from Shotts. There was enough money left over to buy a kiosk for a book exchange and egg sale.

ScotRail Adopt-a-Station

The group care for 4 barrels, 4 wall planters and several large plant boxes within the 2 platforms of Hartwood Train Station. Each year we receive a budget to purchase plants to boost the display and make the station more attractive and welcoming. A local artist, Jack Gibney, has 2 pieces of his art work on display within the station. The pieces depict iconic buildings situated within the derelict former Hartwood Hospital grounds and are visible from the station.

What is next?

Once the swing park project commences (expected Spring 2023), the group intend to apply for further grants to tackle the large football field that the swing park sits within. The swing park upgrade has been long awaited and delayed for years due to legal wrangling around ownership and maintenance of the land. At last, we think we are at a point where planning can begin!

The Forestry Commission have taken ownership of Hartwood Home Farm since the previous lease ended. We are in consultation with managers to discuss possible community ventures. It is a vast area of land with lots of potential!